We evaluate:


  • Air & Thermal Barriers (insulation effectiveness, windows, doors)
  • Duct leakage & Air flow (comfort, air quality, pressures)
  • Heating and Cooling (safety and efficiency)
  • Safety (moisture, combustion, carbon monoxide)


Why do I need an energy audit?

An energy audit will provide valuable insight in determining the key components that are negatively affecting the comfort, performance and energy efficiency of your home. A Home Performance Energy Audit may be advisable if you have experienced a combination of the following issues:


  • High energy usage
  • Drafty rooms 
  • Heating & cooling systems constantly run 
  • Significant temperature variances between rooms
  • Excessive dust
  • Inability to maintain consistent house temperatures
  • High Utility Bills


A Home Performance Energy Audit can identify the source of these issues, allowing you to perform the most effective improvements to make your home healthier, more comfortable and more energy efficient.


What are the benefits?

Understanding the specific conditions that are affecting the performance and comfort of your home is necessary to maximize the overall impact of energy-focused home improvements.

The energy audit will identify the most effective energy improvements that will:


  • Reduce energy usage
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Produce consistent interior temperatures
  • Reduce interior drafts
  • Improve humidity control & ventilation


All of our Energy Auditors are extensively trained and certified to provide the most effective solutions that will address your home's energy and comfort concerns. Our certifications include:


  • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Consultant and Contractor
  • Building Performance Institute Certified Building Analyst, Envelope Specialist, Certified Trainer & Proctor