AZEM Participates in Writing National Standards for Residential Energy Retrofit

APS, SRP are providing $99 home energy audits


Home-energy expert Ken Pancost opened the ceiling grate for a Chandler home's air-conditioner earlier this month, shone his flashlight inside and immediately spotted a gap where hot air from the attic was being sucked into the air-conditioner.

Instead of supplying the air-conditioner with air from inside the home, which is easy to cool, the unit was working twice as hard to cool the superhot attic air and blow it into the house.

The small gap was costing the homeowner $50 to $80 a year ...


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Phoenix Business Journal: Business Owner Monitored Energy Efficiency before it was Trendy

Ken Pancost didn’t know he was building homes that were wasting power and air until he got into the energy-efficiency business 14 years ago.  He was a builder by trade who’d done all the jobs, from framer to electrician to plumber. He then...

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